For the moment being we only provide translations for the main documentation pages (such as Contribution, Getting Started, etc.). The actual translation-strings could be found at packages/docs/locales. Currently there are no translations available for the componentsโ€™ docs. After you finish working on a translation for some page, please, do not forget to update its status to full in the locales/index.ts file. Hereโ€™s the current languages-support state:

EnglishenFull support
RussianruFull support

Synchronizing locale files

You can sync the locale files with the following command (the source file is en.json):

Searching unused translations

You can search unused translations with the following command:

Searching missed translations

You can search missed translations with the following command:

Translations inside code blocks

Itโ€™s sometimes important to see a translated text instead of vue-i18n function inside a code block, so, we created some helpers that allow us to translate the text inside code blocks like we translate it inside a vue templates.

Basic syntax

Just pass the vue-i18n function inside a code and the helper will return a translated text wrapped inside brackets.

Mustache syntax

Wrap the vue-i18n function inside double curly braces and the helper will return just a translated text.